Little Innovators Preschool follows the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence for our preschool curriculum. The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence, meant for children between the ages of three and five, addresses the physical, social, linguistic, and cognitive aspects of development needed to create a coherent foundation for learning in kindergarten and beyond.

The Little Innovators Preschool also includes art, music and movement, Spanish, and gardening.


At the Grande Innovation Academy and the Little Innovators Preschool we believe long-term healthy eating habits developed at an early age are easier to stick to later in life and that healthy eating habits have a positive effect both mentally and physically on every scholar, every day. A healthy lunch is provided as a key element to your child’s successful and busy day.

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Program Options

Our program provides an integrated experience for students with varying abilities and levels. We’re offering a full-time and part-time program with 5 and 4-day schedule options to accommodate you and your child’s needs.


Full-Time Schedule:
8:00 A.M.- 3:30 P.M.

  • 5-Days per week
  • 4-Days per week
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Summer Camp

Join us for a STEM summer camp this June.

Little Innovators Preschool is happy to announce we’re offering an interactive and hands-on STEM camp to engage your curious learner. This fun-filled camp provides pre-school kids the opportunity to explore their interests with activities in science, technology, engineering, and math while making friends along the way.

Please call 520.381.2360 to reserve your spot today.

After Care

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Aftercare is available from 4:15 P.M. – 6:00 P.M. Pricing for before and after care varies. Please contact the front dates for rates and additional information.