Thank You so much for the whole Responsive Classroom experience.  Thank you for not only allowing so many of us to attend, thank you also for bringing Patrick to us.  I feel that taking the class in-house allowed us to be more comfortable and get much more out of the class.

I am so appreciative that you allowed me to attend.  I’ve been planning out my first week of school, and am so excited to start building an engaging classroom right from the start!
Lastly, thank you for giving me an Academic Coach. I didn’t realize how much Kaela & I supported each other!  I’m excited to work more closely with you Michelle, and learn from you.  I’m also very excited to work with the Kinder Team and work on aligning my classroom goals and successes with Kinder’s goals, to help our scholars have a more seamless transition from Preschool to Kinder, for a fantastic start to their education.
Thank you again – I had an amazing week, not only learning about so many new tools and resources, I also had some fantastic interactions with teachers that I rarely see throughout the year.
Laura DeTour, Little Innovators Pre-School Pre K Teacher

The Little Innovators Scrapbook

Preschool artwork

During the month of June my school is offering Kinder Prep classes for the new scholars who are joining our school this August. These scholars have never had any preschool experience & I am lucky enough to be able to teach these scholars.

The last few days we talked about how all of us in the school become family & friends here! I asked each scholar to go around the classroom & ask someone their name & something they like & then for them to come do a craft with me together.

I had one of the scholars walk up to me & ask me if I wanted to be his friend. I asked him if he wanted to ask some of the kids & he replied “well you told us that everyone at this school will become friends & family, so I’d like for you to be my friend”

Meet my new friend Ezra ♥️
I seriously love my job!

Ms. Kaela Jackman
Preschool Teacher