So you think your child might be ready for preschool but you’re not sure which school is best for your child. There’s a lot of choices available and it’s easy for parents to feel overwhelmed. Here are a few questions to ask yourself while you do your due diligence.

1) Does the school offer small class sizes?
The Little Innovators Preschool’s low student to teacher ratio provides our staff the opportunity to focus on each child’s needs and provide individual attention.

2) Is the owner of the preschool onsite?
Patty Messer, the Little Innovators Preschool and the Grande Innovation Academy’s Executive Director, upholds the highest standards in education and is on site daily.

3) Does the preschool focus on education?
The Little Innovators Preschool follows the HighScope model for our curriculum. The HighScope Curriculum uses a carefully designed process — called “active participatory learning” — to achieve powerful, positive outcomes. Children will think they’re just having fun, but they’re really learning the necessary skills for a seamless transition into elementary school.

4) Does the preschool focus too much on education?
The Little Innovator Preschool focuses on the whole child: health, fitness, structured activities, intellectual stimulation, extra-curricular activities and academic achievements are all considered important elements of a child’s development.

5) What kind of a facility am I looking for?
The Little Innovators Preschool is located in the Grande Innovation Academy’s stand-alone school building. We are not in a store front. We have large play areas and centers. The classrooms are created to foster gross motor and fine motor skills. And lunch is included.

6) Is the facility safe?
The Little Innovators Preschool staff, with their small class sizes, gets to know every family. The success of our program is dependent upon maintaining a safe school environment and classrooms that are conducive to learning, which can only be achieved through the total cooperation of the student and a positive, supportive relationship between the home and the school.The Little Innovators Preschool has a firm child guidance and disciplinary policy. Please download a copy of the Little Innovators Preschool Handbook for additional information.

7) Does the school allow for parent involvement?
We encourage parents to contribute to their school by assisting with special projects and sharing their time and talents. Parents are invited to share holidays and other cultural traditions with the children. If you are interested in cooking or baking, reading stories, or helping children write their stories, we encourage you to volunteer your time and energy. Any contributions of time, talent, energy, class snacks, new and used toys and equipment, are always gratefully received.